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Work-life Balance: a matter of allocating your time among all the segments of your life.

Recognizing these segments seems to be the major activity when it comes to starting our own Work life balance path.

What are these segments and how to recognize them?

I like to think about them as to many pieces of a complex pattern. They are part of our life and this is true. However, we struggle to get to know them. Many times, we simply believe to have grasped our segments and keep working on them until we realize there must be something wrong, that something is missing, and this is the fact I wish to highlight: we usually work on the wrong segments.

Segments are all those things we really wanna do but do not fully acknowledge. Therefore, anytime people are asked to list activities they do love and that make their heart sing, there is no space for the job. At least 90% of people do not mention their jobs. It is even worst when these people cannot mention a single activity that fully mirrors their own personality, something that reflects completely their talent.

Surely, we were all born with talent and also, we have experienced at least once in our life what this talent is about. We may have recognized it and took note of this talent so that we could potentially work on it and build ourselves all around or we didn’t recognize it at all. In that case, we simply experienced ourselves as deep as possible without knowing it.

You may want to think about it. There has been a single event you keep in your mind, when you have done something that seemed to be easy to be done and while doing it you have had this feeling of being very comfortable and satisfied. This is something other people get scared of or simply find it difficult to do, but this is not your truth. Well, you may want to think about it as your real talent. We do feel good when doing that and we would love to do it every day.

Why isn’t something we can feel every day while doing our job?

Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash

The answer may hide itself behind the scene. Over years of acquired education from school, society, family, friends and so on. All those people surrounded us for a long time and got a deep impression into our mind contributing to our decision making. It seems clear to me that when a child grows up in a society where artists are seen as people with no future nor respect while lawyers are considered amazing rich human beings, I would also end up studying law rather than spending my time sitting in front of a white canvas.

Why losing my time developing something I am not having any future with?

Hence, this is the sad consequence of a sick society. A scary pile of fake values we built up ourselves from.

About 90% of individuals fail to pursue their real talents, developing an indomitable and profound sense of unawareness of one’s self.

Back to the definition of Work-Life balance, lack of awareness leads the individual to the unawareness of the necessary foundation values. Those personal and profound values that determine precisely the segments of each individual’s life.

Simone Santarelli

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