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You Gotta Give Hugs! by Jeff Davidson

At the end of the 1940s, researchers initiated a long-term…

You Can Find the Time to Stay Fit by Jeff Davidson

by Jeff Davidson With all that competes for your attention,…

Jump or not to jump?

“For all the important changes we must undertake a leap in…

Ikigai: what we talk about when we talk about Talent

We all have potential. This is something that it is naturally part of all human being. We were all born with an extraordinary talent which makes a perfect distinction in comparison with others. I firmly believe that each person has a talent.

The Evolution of Work-Life Balance

The current definition of Work-Life balance has nothing to do…

What is Work-life balance for you?

What is Work-life balance for you? This is the pure…

Work-Life Balance: a matter of segments

Back to the definition of Work-Life balance, lack of awareness leads the individual to the unawareness of the necessary foundational values. Those personal and profound values that determine precisely the segments of each individual’s life.



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