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Stop Being a Prisoner of Your Own Mind by Sonu Ranka

Have you ever questioned why you’re feeling disconcerted once you…

Your Breath – Your Life by Jeff Davidson

Breathing is as essential to human life as food and…

You’ve Got Years to Go: Remaining Upbeat in Challenging Times by Jeff Davidson

The Global Biodiversity Assessment was published in 1992 as part…

Maintain a Balance During Tumultuous Times by Jeff Davidson

In times of tumult, it’s easy to get caught up…

A Fortunate Existence, Despite Everything by Jeff Davidson

Months from now, hopefully, the pandemic will be over. Then,…

Work-Life Balance: The Prevailing Issue of Our Times by Jeff Davidson

For several years now, those who apparently have no idea…

This is what happens when you try to fit in, rather than letting your core self prevail. An interview with Sarah Thayer

“One Friday lunchtime in 1998, I bought the book by…

Handle Big Challenges Early in the Day by Jeff Davidson

All studies indicate that you’re likely to be more effective…


How can we create something new in Life, if we…

Multitasking is the Same as Multi-switching, and Neither is Good for You by Jeff Davidson

Multitasking is analogous to multi-switching. In 2012, research published in Psychology Today showed that “Multi-tasking is a myth.

What do Murakami and Mindfulness have in common?

“In a place far away from anyone or anywhere, I drifted off for a moment.”
From The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Haruki Murakami, 1995

An enlightening interview with Ken Mogi: Work-Life Balance, Ikigai and Millennials

What does “Joy” mean?

….In this sense, joy is your life’s compass, taking you to where you want to go. You follow your joys.

Work-life balance: the myth behind the scene

I lost the sight toward the horizon I have always considered to be my own and indisputable direction.

A coaching journey: an interview with Monika Hansson Tutter

Work-Life balance for me is listening to my body and mind and react when it needs time to recharge.

Mindfulness, joy, fear, work-life balance and much more: an interview with Patricia Thompson, PhD

Aim for work-life alignment by crafting a meaningful professional life that matches up with who you are and what’s important to you

The art of procrastination

Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance

Work-Life Balance: a matter of segments

Back to the definition of Work-Life balance, lack of awareness leads the individual to the unawareness of the necessary foundational values. Those personal and profound values that determine precisely the segments of each individual’s life.

Mindfulness & Multitasking

At that moment the world got access to infinite information at the same time, the human being found itself in the condition of desiring the acquisition of enormous quantity of data on a short term. Our attention has suffered at the same time by then.

Work-Life Balance: Getting Started

Parlare di Work-Life Balance lascia spesso una lieve sensazione di…



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