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Discovering routine
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How many times, we feel like closed in a very small box, without door not even windows? We believe there is no way to get access to the exit and feel the breeze and take a deep breath. We miss the sun, the joy of freedom. We struggle to change the routine but after a little while, we simply realize there is no chance to change the fate.

Here it is.

We keep going to the office, every day. We hate colleagues, managers, people. We feel uncomfortable and nostalgic when remembering the dreams of our juvenility.

What is happening in our mind?

We constantly fight against the inner voice, while telling us:

“You are not this or that. You are not happy, do something right now”

Nope. We keep going, under the weight of our culture, traditions, Parents, grandparents, society. Until it is actually too late for a change back. We take our seat in the morning, we leave it only in the evening. Meanwhile, the days run…quickly. We feel the pressure of turning 30s, 40s ( or more). Eventually, we end up absorbed by the routine and the pain that used to punch our liver, suddenly stops. We think about the time spent in a different dimension. We remember the dreams that usually filled up our heart and gave us insomnia (the positive one).

However, it is too late.

We must do something to realize our dreams. We should not expect the dream passing by and knock the door.

There are alternatives…we must find the courage of pursuing the unknown path.

Join a Start up!
Create your own Start up!
Go for it… or simply change your life if you feel this is not what has meant for you.

Simone Santarelli

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