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Quantum psychology

What if I told you that the way we perceive and take for granted time, space and true interpersonal connections can be misleading, even when their real nature lay before us?

What if we weren’t fully aware of our most basic and profound quality as beings, and which would help us understand ourselves and the Universe?

I want to challenge the way we have been biologically designed to perceive and interact with the world and what we call “reality”.

In case you haven’t heard, there is a plane of reality where the commodities of time, space and connection as we conceive them just do not apply. A fundamental part of the Universe hinting us that our biological and social perception of reality is incomplete and misleading. I’m talking, of course, about Quantum Physics.

Discoveries such as the ones coming from the double-slit experiment and its variations, and concepts like quantum entanglement, prove how time and space simply don’t apply the same way at this microscopic level. But, above all, Quantum Mechanics shows how the mere fact of having a conscious observer (a.k.a. Each one of us), changes the property of the atoms, like if they knew we are observing them (called the uncertainty principle).

It was by following that track how the concept of Quantum Psychology was conceived: that a part of our (sub) consciousness actually behaves and develops based on the laws of Quantum Mechanics, and not the Newtonian ones that we experience directly. Because, once you become aware of that part of your inherited nature, you will realise that, somehow, you partly and naturally also have the ability to bend time, space and true interpersonal connections in new ways.

We can simply define Quantum Psychology as:

The science and theory that studies the nature, implications and relationships between the part of our (sub) consciousness (or Quantum Self) governed by the laws of Quantum Mechanics, and how it retro-influence and interacts with our default sensory system, cognitivity, neuronal and biological mechanisms and the rest of our (sub) consciousness, which are ruled by the macroscopic or Newtonian physics laws.”

Once you start to dig into the implications and effect our conscious mind naturally have over matter in the atomic world, there is no way back into perceiving the world as you were ever again. Then, pulling one string leads to understand other loose ends of our existence and, eventually, to apprehend the implications into answering some of the biggest questions there are: what happens after death, the concept of God, time travelling, the meaning of life, teleportation, the origin of the Universe, and other seemingly inexplicable phenomena…

And each one of those leads drives to one overwhelming common conclusion: pretty much everything we experience, interact with or perceive is interconnected and retro-influenced one way or another. It’s a continuous energetic exchange between us as individual beings, the world and the rest of alive entities in the Universe (who are fundamentally made of the same basic ingredients than us).

Far more important, it points out to the certainty that our own (sub) consciousness is far more important than we give it credit for when it comes to shaping and unveiling the reality we live in. Because, remember, in the Quantum Realm, time and space are also at our disposal. It becomes the answer and the missing piece to explain and connect all those troublesome questions, and ultimately the key to unleash our unique potential as human beings.

How to control your mind

Like the glue or the orchestra director that oversees and filters everything else, allowing us to have the sense of continuity and existence needed for the Universe to exist.

That central piece of our minds (or the Quantum Self) connects us with ourselves, our biological existence, society, the rest of energy forms and forces in the Universe, and even to the Quantum Realm, where the rules of time, space and connection are completely different to our instinctive perception.

But, far more important, it connects us with others at a transcendental level. Because if Quantum Psychology lies as the centre piece connecting all aspects of existence and reality, at the heart of that centre you will find the raw and meaningful emotional and interpersonal connections we establish throughout life; those that are as subjective as ourselves, but also universally identifiable.

Because your life can be changed in a heartbeat of pure conviction if you know where to hear, as every great achievement in history starts with a seemingly crazy idea.

Everything great that you will ever accomplish in life must be impulsed by a real, natural and deep raw sense of connection and purpose – even if it makes sense only to you. We all need the unique focus and motivation that finding our muse, our Venus, or our source of inspiration gives us; that can be a person, or a personal goal, or a life changing event that gives you direction, meaning and transcendence.

Once you face this moment of truth, you will understand that a life can be determined and changed in a second of pure bravery and conviction. From there, accept that nothing, not even reality, will overcome what you already know in your heart.

And what do those signs might look like? Or to what extend can we realistically expect that we can influence the world around us using our force from Quantum Psychology? Well, it’s now time to challenge yourself with the idea. I hope, at least, that some questions have been raised in your curious mind.

So, have you found your real goal yet?

For more information, contact and insights to dig into the revolution coming from Quantum Psychology and available books and resources, please visit:


Isaac R. Betanzos is a novel writer with an academical background in Research & Psychology by Goldsmiths University of London. Combining Positive Psychology and Quantum Physics, through Quantum Psychology we will be able to re-think time, space and interpersonal connections. For more information, contact and insights about the upcoming books visit

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  1. We are embarking on frontiers that have been traversed throughout time, breathing new life into it by all our shifting consciousness.

    We are so Excited to Be living in this moment!

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