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Bryan Collins

First of all, I wish to deeply thank Bryan Collins for his time and availability. It is a great honor for me to publish this interview.

You are a successful writer. However, as you mention this success came after many difficulties.

What did make the difference in achieving success?

Consistency is key. Write a little every day and you can publish more articles or write more books. Do that and you’ll find out what works and doesn’t work.

You wrote many amazing books. Three of them are part of the book series “The Power of Creativity”.
What is the core power of creativity?

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People can learn creativity just like any other skill, and here’s how. Keep in mind that your brain works in creative ways even on a subconscious level. This means if you resort to creativity training techniques, you do not have to actively think about something to come up with a unique and great idea.

A typical problem you often mention is the lack of inspiration.

How to be inspired? What to do if we lack inspiration?

Seek out inspiration – Innovative ideas often come from happy accidents. You should also read what inspires you and then write about that.

You mention “you are scared of wasting your time, of making the wrong decision, of failing…”

Often people do not realize their own dreams because they are scared. Fear may be one of the worst enemies in pursuit of happiness.
Do you believe fear can also play a positive role?

When I was in my early twenties, I did too. I told people I wanted to write a book. There was just one problem. I wasn’t writing anything.

I believed I wasn’t ready to write, and I needed some anointed mentor to pull me aside and say, “Bryan, now is your time.”

I became jealous of the success of people around me and grew sick of my lack of progress.

So, I joined a fiction and non-fiction writing workshop in Dublin. On the second evening, the instructor said every student had to submit a short story.

I was afraid.

I hadn’t written a short story in years, but I didn’t want the class or the instructor to know this.

A writer in a writing class, who doesn’t write, is a fraud.

I went home, and I wrote. I wrote that night and the night after that. And I wrote until I finished my first short story. It was terrible – the instructor told me this later – but that didn’t matter.

I had taken the first step towards facing my fear of writing.

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Often, we set personal limits by thinking that “I am afraid I am not good enough”.
Where does this feeling come from? How can we deal with it?

Check out the War of Art by Steven Pressfield

We are constantly surrounded by technology and distractions. We get notifications for literally anything. We spend so much time on a social network that we often lose the time flow.

How to eliminate the non-essential?

Put Exciting Ideas On A Backlog List

An old manager of mine called it “the car park.” David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done, calls it a “someday maybe list.”

The name is less important than having a place for capturing (or parking) ideas you can’t work on today but will return to later.

As an example, a team member suggests refreshing the branding on the company website. Kudos to them! The company website looks tired, but updating the site will take weeks and cost potentially thousands of dollars.

So, add this item to the backlog list and return to it later in the year. This approach also gives you time to reflect on an idea and decide if it’s still a good one.

Allen wrote, “Someday/Maybes are not throwaway items. They may be some of the most interesting and creative things you’ll ever get involved with.”

Often, you also give credits to meditation practice. Science has already confirmed that regular meditation practice has a positive influence on our creative process.

How meditation has had an impact on your success?

It helps me practice focusing on one thing without interruption.

It seems that when we lack organization and structure, it is easier to end up with incomplete projects.

How is it important to define specific structure and goals to help our creativity?

Embrace the Michael Jordan formula for goal setting –

#1 – have a vision, something you see crystal clear.

#2 Write it down somewhere.

#3 – Decide what you’re willing to sacrifice

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Nowadays, Work-life balance is one of the most popular issues we fight against.

What is your opinion about work-life balance? Is it just a matter of time management?

Do – simply put, act!
Delete – don’t do if it’s not relevant to your goals
Defer – To defer means saying, Not right now rather than not ever
Delegate – get help, pay for if you can afford it.

What is your plan for the next future?

I’m working on a book about focus for entrepreneurs.

Bryan Collins:

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