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Monika tutterova

Let’s meet today Monika Hansson Tutter, MBA.

Monika is a Life and Career Coach currently located in Prague.

Could you explain what Life and Career coaching are for you?

In my coaching I offer clients a different “elevated” perspective on their current situation, where they can immediately step out of the present troubles that are limiting them in their lives. I strongly believe that once you can imagine solution, you are already on your way to achieve it.

How did you understand you wanted to be a Coach?

One time in my corporate life I stopped for a while and thought where am I going with my current life? I have realized that I don’t want to be on the same path as I was and wanted to do something else. The big question was to do what? To get the answer I have looked into my past, looking at the places and countries I’ve lived in and thought about all the people I have met and I have lived among, and then I asked myself – what is out there that is missing here in the Czech Republic? What do people abroad have that I don’t see – enough of – here? The answer was a healthy self-confidence. I wanted to show people that everyone has the possibility to have a healthy self-confidence and teach them how to achieve it and be stronger, empowered, and happy.

What are the main points you usually focus on, when it comes to work with individuals?

My clients come with work and relationship issues. For me it’s all connected and it shows in my practice. When we are unhappy in a relationship, we might bring it to work and vise versa.

How your approach has developed over your Career as a Coach?

I became more intuitive in a sense that I can estimate roughly how many sessions will the topic they need to work on take. I am also flexible in terms of the time in-between the sessions, because as I always say, we don’t live in a vacuum, things happen around us we don’t have the control over, and coaching is here to help.

Why people decide to start to work on themselves with a Coach?

The main reason I hear is that after they’ve tried themselves some actions, talked to their close ones, taking on some advice, when none of that helped, they decide to go for a coach. Other reason, also common is that they like to get an outside perspective and see whether there might be something they are missing in their decision making for their future.

How Coaching can help individuals? What are its main benefits?

In my experience clients get calmness, “possibility to breathe freely again”, knowing that their situation has a solution, answers to their questions, and a to-do list of next steps until next session.

Do you think the number of people seeking for a life or Career Coach has increased over the last few years? If so, what is the reason behind this increase in your opinion?

I believe it did. I believe the reason for that is a better understanding of what true coaching really is, it’s benefits. The only thing standing between people and coaching is their willingness to get results when working on themselves.

What is Work-Life Balance for you?

Work-Life balance for me is listening to my body and mind and react when it needs time to recharge. When the time is right, I focus on spending my time with family, friends and self-learning. And then I know when I feel recharged – it is the time new ideas for my business start flooding my mind and I am refreshed to help my clients on their journeys.

An individual approach you claiming he/she needs to fix his/her Work-Life Balance.

What would it be your approach when it comes to Work-Life Balance?

Looking into everyday activities of the client and mapping out what time and energy is spent where. Then, once we have the map in front of us the client can understand better where the biggest drainage of energy and time is and gets ideas how he/she can fix it.

About Monika:

Before becoming a coach, I have had international experience since 2000 in the following areas: product management, marketing, sales, leadership, management, mergers and acquisitions in which I held management and team positions. I have gained my experience in the Czech Republic, Britain, and Austria.

I have been coaching since 2010. Today, with more than 800 hours of coached sessions and workshops, I focus on assisting clients in their personal development, increasing work motivation and in corporations to improve their work-life balance, stress management, cultural workshops, always provided with tools and tips to easily incorporate into their everyday lives. I practice NLP, GROW, shadowing, and Erickson’s result-oriented approach.

My client portfolio consists mainly of business owners, entrepreneurs and senior managers from international companies. I graduated from Business Administration at the University of New York in Prague. I got my MBA at the Solvay Business School in Brussels. I received my coaching ACSTH certification at Erickson College. I have accreditation from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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