5 Best Websites For Non-profit Jobs

Are you dreaming about a meaningful job?


How to find a job


There might be some potential around non-profit organizations.

This is a wide sector that offers amazing opportunities for those who are interested in social causes and also jobs in the arts, religious organizations, public health and many others.


Where can you find open positions?

Here a list of some useful websites dedicated to non-profit jobs.

Dream Job



Idealist is incredibly complete. It offers any type of opportunity you might be searching for: Jobs, volunteer opportunities, internships.


Encore is an amazing source for whoever is seeking for an encore career. It also includes a nice list of other non-profit job boards.

The Foundation Center

The Foundation Center keeps track and share information about philanthropy around the world. For job seekers check out this part fo the site.

National Council of Non-Profit

This is a very powerful portal for job seekers. The National Council of Non-profit includes a section to search for non-profit around your area and useful information to get in contact. 

Commongood Career

You can directly apply for any open position from this section.

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