What can you get by using G Suite account for non-profit?

How did Google reach out to NPO’s?

G Suite account for non-profit.

Described by Google as:

Simple solutions for effective nonprofit organization management

Is your non-profit eligible for G Suite account unlimited free?

Let’s find out together.


Laptop with Google


Firstly, What does G Suite do?

This is a special service powered by Google and offered to NPO’s around the Globe. It gives your NPO access to a list of Google application that usually have a cost. Among all the available versions listed by Google, G Suite for non-Profit is a sort of Enterprise version.

What can you get by using G Suite for non-Profit?

  • Unlimited Gmail accounts.
  • Space Drive documents and email hosting: 30GB
  • Continuous client’s support
  • Admin access
  • All Google app such as: drive, slides etc…

What else?

  • Google Grants:

This is a real cherry on top the cake: your non-profit will actually get $10,000 a month to spend on fundraising.

This is not an exhaustive list of helpful functionalities released by G Suite for non-profit. You can find a complete list and related explanation of functionalities, nicely described by Jason Jensen here.

Even though all sound amazing, before applying for G Suite for non-profit you shall make sure your country is eligible for it. You can find the complete list of eligible country here.


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