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Work-Life Balance: a matter of segments

Back to the definition of Work-Life balance, lack of awareness leads the individual to the unawareness of the necessary foundational values. Those personal and profound values that determine precisely the segments of each individual’s life.

Mindfulness & Multitasking

At that moment the world got access to infinite information at the same time, the human being found itself in the condition of desiring the acquisition of enormous quantity of data on a short term. Our attention has suffered at the same time by then.

Ikigai: western but Japanese concept

Ikigai may be developed from the very bottom of our inner self. It is in there that we have the best chance to finding the key of our success.

How do you explain mindfulness to a five year-old?

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Habit: beginning your inner change

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Work-Life Balance: Getting Started

Parlare di Work-Life Balance lascia spesso una lieve sensazione di…

Work-Life Balance. Working to live vs Living to work

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Routine is Lethal

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